• Scan for nearby Pokemon from ANY location
  • Customize the scan distance and scan time. Can choose to leave a smaller footprint on the GO servers
  • Search for any location with native map search
  • Only relies on the servers that Pokemon GO relies on, not any third party servers. The service will only be down if GO servers are down
  • Clean, native interface and easy controls
  • FREE!

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NEWS 11/7/16: PokeSensor is back for Android and iOS!

PokeSensor is an iOS/Android app that scans for Pokemon for the popular game Pokemon GO. Just login with a Pokemon Trainer Club account and find Pokemon near you! You can create an alternate PTC account for scanning to better protect your real GO account.

Download Free for Android

PokeSensor source code is available under the GPLv3 License at https://github.com/MrPat/PokeSensor. Check it out!

Scan any area for Pokemon in real time for FREE

Download Free for Android
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NOTE: This app requires a Pokemon Trainer Club login, but I only share that info with the PTC/GO servers to get Pokemon locations. I don't want or need your account information, and I don't have any way of getting it once you enter it into the app, so security is not an issue with PokeSensor. If you are still unsure, I understand your concerns. Feel free to check the source code to see that I don't collect your account information.

WARNING: No one is sure yet if Niantic can trace apps like this to your real account, even if you use an alternate account. USE THIS APP AT YOUR OWN RISK.